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The Registered Apprenticeship Technical Assistance Center of Excellence is focused on helping key stakeholders build and scale strategic partnerships to put more American workers on high-quality apprenticeship career pathways.

Registered apprenticeship is the proven gold standard in workforce development. Better aligning industry, workforce and education around apprenticeship can help build a stronger, more resilient, and future-ready American workforce.

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28 Jul 2022

30 Minutes of Excellence - Bridging the Gap Between Adult Education and Apprenticeships

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20 Jul 2022

Meet your USDOL Apprenticeship Training Rep

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25 May 2022

How do Adult Basic Education and Career Technical Education work...

12 May 2022

How do I communicate the benefits of Registered Apprenticeship to Employers?

20 Apr 2022

How do I communicate the benefits of RA to employers?

23 Mar 2022

Why do workforce boards engage in Registered Apprenticeship?

23 Feb 2022

Future Works Public Dashboard Demonstration

26 Jan 2022

Difference between OA/SAA States?

07 Jun 2022

Acting Assistant Secretary of the Employment and Training Administration, USDOL, Addresses the Attendees at the NAWDP 38th Annual Conference.

13 Apr 2022

Report commissioned by ApprenticeshipNC demonstrating how states can measure and report on effectiveness and opportunities for apprenticeship.

13 Apr 2022

Guidebook on core components, processes, terms, and roles for all apprenticeship stakeholders including employers, training providers, and intermediaries.

13 Apr 2022

A real-time, state-sponsored website that provides job seekers and employers a place to connect around apprenticeship.

13 Apr 2022

Iowa’s Registered Apprenticeship Programs Report analyzes Iowa’s RA levels and provides demographic breakouts of active apprentices and RA completers. The analysis includes geographic concentrations of active apprentices, growth in new apprentices, and top occupations using RA to train employees. The employment outcomes of RA completers is broken out by the same demographics, top completing programs, and employing industries. A glimpse into employee retention is also provided.


13 Apr 2022

An example of how states can use Tableau, a data visualization tool, to illustrate the value and statewide adoption of RA through key datapoints such as occupations, industries, wages, etc.