Bridging the Classroom to Careers through Apprenticeship

Registered apprenticeship (RA) provides your students with a proven pathway to high-demand careers across every sector. Related instruction delivered in-person, online or in a hybrid method is a key required component to all RA programs. These courses - which can be delivered in high school, through Career and Technical Education center programs, or community, technical colleges or universities - help students gain critically-needed knowledge to become competent professionals in their chosen pathway and earn one or more industry-valued credentials. Secondary and post-secondary educational institutions can participate in apprenticeship by:

  • Becoming an RA sponsor, enabling local businesses to recruit your students for paid apprenticeship opportunities and/or enroll their incumbent workers and new hires into your courses for related instruction
  • Serving as a training provider, delivering industry-aligned related instruction for local existing RA programs
  • Being an intermediary, connecting students to local RA programs with recruiting, screening and testing services and even creating high-quality pre-apprenticeship programs to provide accelerated entry into a local RA program

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 Becoming a Workforce Development Board or Educational Entity Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor
12 Sep 2023

This Center of Excellence Office Hours provides technical assistance for workforce development boards and education entities regarding becoming a Registered Apprenticeship sponsor. Hear how education providers and workforce development boards can help a business start a registered apprenticeship by becoming a sponsor. Additionally, current sponsors in the education and workforce fields share their expertise in becoming a sponsor.


24 Aug 2023

Mapping IET to Pre-Apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship Programs This presentation at COABE's Annual Conference in May 2023 provides Adult Education (AE) leaders and instructors with background on Apprenticeship, findings from the Center's nationwide assessment of adult educators' knowledge of apprenticeship, and tools to help map Integrated Education and Training (IET) programming to pre-apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship programs, helping create accelerated pathways for adult learners into high-quality career pathways.


Build an Adult Education Integrated Education Training as a Pre-Apprenticeship Program
03 Apr 2023

Use this resource to align your Integrated Education and Training (IET) programs with pre-apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship (RA). This resource is aligned to the IET design toolkit, and whether you are developing an IET program with pre-apprenticeship or RA in mind or want to align your current IET programs, this resource will help to support a direct pathway into a pre-apprenticeship and RA.


Leveraging Earn-and-Learn Models for Immigrants and Refugees: Creating English Onramps to Apprenticeship Programs
18 Feb 2023

With a national focus on reskilling and upskilling job seekers and incumbent workers for in-demand careers, many organizations are turning to apprenticeship programs to deliver this training. Earn-and-learn models are excellent ways to increase access to careers with family sustaining wages. Unfortunately, many immigrants, refugees, and speakers of other languages are unable to access these programs, simply because English is a barrier. In this webinar, you’ll learn how institutions can offer flexible, blended English onramps to apprenticeship programs. The discussion will center on practical, evidence-based ways of delivering career-specific English language training at scale with a focus on models that can work across sectors and contexts. The presentation will include time for questions so participants can discuss how to adapt these models for their own contexts.


Promising Practice with Youth Apprenticeships: ARCH
20 Jan 2023

This webinar will provide a technical look at how one Office of Education developed pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships to help resolve the talent pipeline challenge they faced. Join us to hear Pam Knapp, San Joaquin County Office of Education as she explains why they started this journey and what she advises for those just starting out with Youth Apprenticeships.

Link to Webinar

Podcast - Behind Every Employer
22 Dec 2022

COABE co-founded Behind Every Employer to strategically highlight the need to bring together industry and education partners to develop innovative and scalable solutions to current and future workforce needs. In this episode of the podcast, Safal Partners Nicole Klues talks about the Center of Excellence and how adult education can use the model of apprenticeship to prepare tomorrow's workforce.

Linking Secondary and Post-Secondary CTE to Pre-Apprenticeship
20 Dec 2022

Use these presentation slides to understand more thoroughly what the Registered Apprentice Technical Assistance Center of Excellence does, what apprenticeship is and why it's growing, and learn about how to use pre-apprenticeship as a growth strategy.

CA Education Toolkit on Equitable Apprenticeships: Building and Growing Apprenticeship with Equity in Mind
27 Oct 2022

This Toolkit was created to help those whose work involves designing and running pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs to intentionally encourage and support the inclusion of apprentices who reflect the full diversity of our communities — in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, primary language, disability, age, sexual orientation, and other factors.

USDOL Apprenticeship Training Rep
20 Jul 2022

Meet your USDOL Apprenticeship Training Rep

13 Apr 2022

Crosswalks developed by 8 Texas community colleges (led by San Jacinto College) and 8 Registered Apprenticeship (RA) sponsors showing how USDOL Registered Apprenticeship certificates can be articulated for college course credits using the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s (THECB) Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM). The initial crosswalks developed focused on 10 craft areas: electrical, millwright/industrial maintenance/mechatronics, plumbing, pipefitting, welding, machining, carpentry, HVAC, sheet metal, and masonry. The crosswalks help in developing MOUs between community colleges and RA sponsors and align RA to college degree pathways.

13 Apr 2022

Toolkit developed by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE), the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and the state's workforce system - CareerSource Florida - aimed at equipping colleges with information, tools and templates to build, register, launch and sustain a registered apprenticeship program.

13 Apr 2022

Guide on key sustainability factors including six “plays”—strategies, tactics, or methods leading to sustainability—with key action steps in each, drawn from technical assistance and subject matter experts working with apprenticeship stakeholders in California and nationwide.

13 Apr 2022

Created by ApprenticeshipNC, administered through the North Carolina Community College System (NCCS), this guide provides state-informed information on philosophy and best practices for Youth Apprenticeship start-up and operation. First steps, timelines, community and industry talking points, specifications, definitions and official documentation are included, along with sample forms and materials garnered from active RA programs in the state.