Create Skilled Workers. Build Loyal Talent. Engage in Apprenticeship.

Registered apprenticeship (RA) is a proven, industry-driven strategy for building a skilled workforce. Employers in every industry are utilizing RA to recruit, train, and retain new hires and upskill incumbent workers because the model:

  • generates positive ROI - employers report* earning an average of $1.47 for every $1 invested in apprenticeship through cost savings and increased productivity,
  • reduces turnover and drives higher worker loyalty rates - 92% of all apprentices who complete a program are retained as permanent, full-time workers*, and 91% are still with their employer a year out,
  • creates more diverse, inclusive workplaces because with a structured training program employers are able to widen the pool of candidates from which they source talent,
  • create a platform for stronger relationships with local education and workforce partners to identify and recruit talent earlier, and
  • provides access to unique federal and state funding and support, including tax credits, potential wage support/reimbursements, tuition support, no-cost federal bonding, supportive services for qualified apprentices and more

*source: USDOL Office of Apprenticeship

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13 Apr 2022

Guidebook on core components, processes, terms, and roles for all apprenticeship stakeholders including employers, training providers, and intermediaries.

13 Apr 2022

A real-time, state-sponsored website that provides job seekers and employers a place to connect around apprenticeship.