Aligning Apprenticeship and the Workforce System

Registered apprenticeship (RA) is the gold standard for workforce development and well-aligned with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). RA provides employers in your state and local community with a proven strategy for developing a strong, sustained talent pipeline for skilled workers while providing job seekers with a pathway to high-demand careers that pay a family-supporting wage.

Access TA from the Center to increase RA alignment with your state and local workforce development board planning to meet critical WIOA performance metrics by:.

  • providing paid apprenticeship opportunities for One-Stop Center customers which helps you meet Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) performance measures including 2nd and 4th quarter employed (92% of all apprentices who complete a program are then moved into a permanent, full-time workers and 91% are still with their employer a year out)
  • providing your board with the knowledge that RA skills training meets your local business needs, since it is employer-driven, while giving you the credential performance measure
  • ensuring that higher median earnings after 2nd quarter performance metric is met, especially since apprentices receive a raise during their apprenticeship moving beyond transactional relationships with businesses and giving you a head start on the effectiveness in serving employers performance measure

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20 Jan 2023

The Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development (DHEWD) has worked hard to modernize and expand the legacy apprenticeship framework in the state, and to create non-traditional Registered Apprenticeship programs. The Apprenticeship Partnership Team was formed to address the challenges, solutions, and sustainability of RA programs in Missouri. Join us to take a look at the advantages and steps to starting your own Apprenticeship Partnership Team.

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29 Nov 2022

As part of its focused work to support system alignment and strategic partnership expansion in Missouri, the Center of Excellence sat down with Dr. Mardy Leathers, Director of the Office of Work-Based Learning in the Division of Higher Education and Workforce Development (DHEWD) to discuss the state's strategic development of a certified pre-apprenticeship framework to accelerate registered apprenticeship expansion. The framework utilizes WIOA funding and builds on the state's in-demand sectors and occupations and can serve as an example for other states.

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10 Nov 2022

This guide is intended to be a starting point to help state and local workforce professionals understand the key players in the apprenticeship space, what role(s) those partners typically play in supporting RA programs, and how you can play a leadership role in creating RA partnerships that engage those entities.

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10 Nov 2022

This questionnaire is intended to help you build a network in your area around Registered Apprenticeship (RA). With the information gathered here, your board should be better able to engage with and convene RA stakeholders to expand RA program opportunities. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the USDOL RA TA Center of Excellence “Workforce Board Guide to Identifying Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Partners” publication. This publication and more information on the Center can be found online at

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12 Oct 2022

A Colorado manual to train staff and better align with apprenticeship.

25 May 2022

Webinar recording by the Center of Excellence national partners WIA (Wireless Infrastructure Association) and FASTPORT. A presentation to the 5G wireless industry conference employers on implementing best practices in RA development to more quickly and effectively build the 21st century communications workforce.

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28 Jul 2022

30 Minutes of Excellence - Bridging the Gap Between Adult Education and Apprenticeships

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25 May 2022

How do Adult Basic Education and Career Technical Education work...

12 May 2022

How do I communicate the benefits of Registered Apprenticeship to Employers?

20 Apr 2022

How do I communicate the benefits of RA to employers?

23 Mar 2022

Why do workforce boards engage in Registered Apprenticeship?

23 Feb 2022

Future Works Public Dashboard Demonstration

26 Jan 2022

Difference between OA/SAA States?

07 Jun 2022

Acting Assistant Secretary of the Employment and Training Administration, USDOL, Addresses the Attendees at the NAWDP 38th Annual Conference.